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Speaking is the most critical skill when you are learning English. Here you can practice stress-free with a Speaking Partner.

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"I love this platform!. It's free, you can talk with other learners, you can practice all the time. My fluency now is awesome!"

Hossein Shams

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How it Works?

It's easy, free and unlimited! This steps can help you understand how it works!

Step 1 - Register Free

It's very easy to register, just click on "Get Free" in the top-right blue button and follow the steps.

Step 2 - Are you able to talk right now?

The platform will ask you immediately if you are able to talk right now! You are here to talk, well... It's time to do that! Don't be scared, everybody here is learning. It's time to make mistakes without being worried about!

Step 3 - Your session begins, enjoy it!

Once you are connected with somebody the session immediately begins. You can talk for 30 minutes per session. It's time to enhance your speaking skills!


We are an open community and we have simple rules, beacause we need to keep high stardards!


Speak Only English

Now our platform is only able for people that want to improve their english skills talking with others. It's not a language exchange platform.


No Teachers

Our philosohy is about skip the pressure to talk being corrected and evaluated. Teachers are source of preasure. Here you can talk stress-free with other students in english.


Lessons Free

There are no grammar, writings or boring and repetitive excersices! Just talk! Native speakers first learn to speak, just then they can write, understand grammar or listen in detail each word.



We put the topics about we talk. These topics are always general knowledge and we have a different topic every day.



Our platform is fun, and they assign you a role. They system do that your you. It's a role-based conversation.



We have 1 slide per/day. This slide act as a guidance for you to talk according to the topic of the day and the role that you selected.



Not groups. With groups you need to wait to talk. Here you are always talking and listening carefully to be able to answer and to have a conversation flow. You are always practicing here!



Each session is scheduled to last 30 minutes. But don't worry, you can select another user and start another 30 minutes. It's unlimited the amount of sessions per day!


Without Pre-Scheduling

You don't need to pre-schedule any session. You just need to be connected on our platform and wait until we looking for a SpeakerPartner for you!


Random Partner

We select a random SpeakingPartner for you. You don't need to choose or select any person or viceversa (be selected). This is fun because you never know before who is your next SpeakingPartner! Enjoy meeting new people around the world!


Rating System

Evaluate your speaking partner with our rating system. It's easy, we need to know who is following the rules and who not. Rate their behavior, skills and if he/she is nice!


Always Free

Our platform is always free, fast, easy and unlimited! You can practice and talk in English all long day if you want!


Be Nice

Be always nice, able, open minded and ready to speak! Don't be aware, we all are here to learn.


Your Level

It doesn't matter your english level, you just try to be open to talk. We believe that you just need motivation to talk!



We have zero-tolerance with attempted romantic approaches, even worst with sexual harrasment. If you feel that the intention of your speaking partner it's different to practive english skills, report us HERE please!


Change Language

Change the language of this site to english! You need to practice all day and be surrounded by english always! Not more Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, etc. Mood English now!


First Step

Life is about first steps. It's time to do new things, as Einstein said: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Time to talk now!


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What we do?

We’re a team of creative and experienced software designers and developers based on San Jose, California, US. We work head-to-head with English students and teachers like you and we know your pain points as a student and what do you need. With that in mind, our Mission is to help English Students to gain fluency with their English speaking skills helping they to find speaking partners.

We deliver high-quality backend tools to help you to get video calls with speaking partners

We support our students finding speaking partners with the same necessity of learn to speak english

We manage High-Security Standards inside our Platform

We eliminate the fences around gain fluency to talk in English



For students who wants to learn slowly.


Per user per month

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Basic Features
  • Talk with other Students
  • Lessons-Free
  • Talk with students with other skills level
  • Assigned Topics
  • Assigned Role
  • 1 Slide per Day
  • Peer-to-peer
  • 30 minutes per-session
  • Rating System
  • Unlimited Sessions per-day
  • Speak only English



For students who wants to learn fast and personalized.


Per user per month

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Professional Features
  • Talk with other Students and Tutors
  • Follow Lessons according to your level
  • Talk with students with same skills level
  • Select your own Topics to talk.
  • Select a Role
  • Unlimited Slides per-Day
  • Peer-to-peer or group sessions.
  • 1 hour per-session
  • Rating System and deep Feedback
  • Unlimited Sessions per-day
  • Speak in Other Languages.